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Over 60 years ago the Greening Lamborn Trust was created in memory of E A Greening Lamborn to promote the study of local history in Oxfordshire. Edmund Greening Lamborn grew up in Cowley and started his career in education as a pupil teacher, rising to be headmaster of St Mary Magdalen Boy’s School at Gloucester Green. He was the head of East Oxford Council’s Boys School from 1909 until 1944. He was a dedicated and esteemed local historian who published countless articles of note eg the history of the Golden Cross, Beaumont Palace and books such as the Story of Architecture in Stone and the Armorial Glass of the Oxfordshire Diocese.

The Greening Lamborn Trust’s objective is to promote public interest in the history, architecture, old photographs and heraldry of Oxford and its neighbourhood by supporting publications and other media that create access to them. It supports scholarly works and smaller publications of local interest. The Trustees make grants, and occasionally loans, to help with publication costs and expenditure on the display to the public of historic artefacts in local museums and industrial heritage sites. Whilst the Trustees cannot support research costs, they can help with the expense of publishing the research when the publication will be available for general purchase. Sometimes the Trustees will meet the cost of including additional illustrations, historic photographs etc which would otherwise have to be omitted.

The current trustees meet six monthly to review applications for funds. They make grants and loans to promote the study of local history. Their definition of “local” is within 30 miles of Carfax. Applications are considered from individual authors, local history groups, who need financial support for articles in or indeed the publication of their journal, museums and Friends of Museums who wish to display items of local historical interest or publish information about such items.

The trustees wish the publications they support and the information contained therein to be available as widely as possible to encourage the posting of information on the internet.

There is no formal application form. Applicants should write to the Clerk giving details of the project or publication. A brief outline of the subject matter is required and whether money is required as either a grant or a loan. If it is a publication, the trustees will need to know the size of the print run, the anticipated sale price, the printing costs and illustrations copyright charges. Whilst the trustees’ objective is not to support authors with a commercial project, they often support such authors who, in order to make their publication of more interest to the general public, wish to include additional illustrations which would otherwise be uneconomic.

Applications are accepted by email to or by letter to The Clerk, Greening Lamborn Trust, c/o HMG LAW LLP, 126 High Street, Oxford OX1 4DG

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